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GPS Smart Return Fish Finder RC Fishing Boat GPS Positioning 500MControl 3 Hoppers LCD Screen Bait Boat

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Main Features

2KG Large Load

Cruise Function

Three propellers and double motor

The remote control boat can sail safely in various waters of rivers, lakes and seas.

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  1. 2.4G Remote Control :500M enhanced anti-interference signal. Remote control positioning distance 500 meters.

  2. Three Storage Controllable Nesting: Three hoppers to load different bait, and you can open them  independently.

  3. One-Key Return(GPS Version):You can set the home point, and press the 'one-key return' button to back to the home point. Simple operation, easy to control.

  4. Low Power Return(GPS Version):When encountering signal loss or low battery, the boat will automatically return to the origin after 15 seconds.Don't worry about losing.

  5. One Click To Any Point(GPS Version):The GPS version remote control can set 3 arbitrary positioning points, and the 3 points can be back and forth at will.

  6. LCD Display(GPS Version):Power display,distance display,position display,night light display and direction display.The LCD screen of the remote control will display the boat’s power, compass and sailing meters.

  7. Night light design, convenient for nesting at night. The front and rear bi-color lights can clearly confirm the position of the ship at a long distance.

  8. 7-8 Wind And Wave Resistance: Large hull, stable center of gravity, not afraid of wind and waves.

  9. Tight WaterProof Cover: Prevent liquid from penetrating into the inner compartment to damage parts.

  10. 3-6 Hours Long Battery Life:5200Mah battery life 2.5-3 Hours Or 12000Mah battery life about 5-6 hours.

  11. Multi Choices: Standard Version And GPS Version can be choosen, also various capacity battery can be selected.

About Sonar Fish Finder:

1. Display

Display: Dot Matrix LCD

Display Size: 50x45mm

DisplayDot Number: 128*96

DisplayContrast: 10~100%

Backlight: White LED Backlight

2. Sonar & Radio

Depth Range: 2-120Ft/0.6-45M

Wireless Operating Range : 100m

Sonar Frequency: 125KHZ

Sonar Beam Angle: 90 degree

Radio Frequency: 433.92 MHz

Operational Temperature: -20 ~70

3.Power Supply:

Mainframe : Lithium battery  3.7V

Transducer: Polymer battery  3.7V

Item Size: 125*72*30mm/4.92*2.83*1.18in

Item Weight: 205g/7.23oz

Package List:

  1. GPS Or No GPS RC Boat *1(it depends on your selection)

  2. One-Hand (No GPS) Or GPS Remote Controller* 1(it depends on your selection)

  3. EU Or UK Or US Charger*1(it depends on your selection)

  4. 5200mAh Or 12000mAh Battery*1(it depends on your selection)

  5. With Or Without Sonar Fish Finder* 1 Set(it depends on your selection)

  6. Car Charger* 1(Free Gift)

  7. Other Parts*1 Set

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